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This is for you, DAD!

Hey #fathers! Did you get the exciting feeling of cutting the umbilical cord, did your mate cut the circulation from hand as you provided support, or did you pass out? Well congratulations on making it out of the delivering suite alive and in one piece.

Human touch is just as important for you and your #baby not for just mothers. Stroke his or her head and kiss them endlessly. Your role in their life is important and you have the power to create whatever relationship you choose. Embrace them, cherish them, and sing to them. Studies have shown it can take up to six months to formally form a #bond with your child, so start early.

As a #man oftentimes learning #CPR brings a lot of fear because of your strength and power. BUT GUESS WHAT? Use that to your advantage. Performing CPR is not for the weak and that description does not describe you at all. You can use your thumb, two-finger, or use your knuckle to get 4 cm deep to save your child's life. Sound easy huh? If you still have reservations about visit our YouTube channel Beat The Rhythm to see the video link of the techniques of performing CPR.

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